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Native STAND Certified Educator Summer Training & Program Application

The Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Center for Healthy Communities and the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) are collaborating to recruit 25 Tribes and American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) organizations to participate in the Native STAND Dissemination, Implementation, and Evaluation Project. The goal of the Project is to better understand how Tribal communities implement a program designed to help eliminate disparities in sexual and reproductive health for high-school age AI/AN youth.

To learn more about the Native STAND Program visit or view our Native STAND Flyer Year 3 PDF.

The 2017 Native STAND on-line and paper application version will be available October 1, 2016 and the deadline for Year 3 applicants is March 1, 2017. If interested, applicants are encouraged to attend an informational webinars, click here for information.


Before beginning to fill out your application, we recommend that interested organizations and individuals discuss the training opportunity and if selected, agree to commit to the following:

  • Identify an individual to serve as their Educator and to receive the free, one-week summer Native STAND Certified Training Program.
  • The identified individual must provide assurance that they are able to attend the entire one week summer training to be held June 26-June 30, 2017 in Portland, Oregon.
  • You have access to a setting conducive to implementing the Native STAND Program (school, community center), and provide support letters from your Tribe and/or an AI/AN organization.
  • Submit a complete application by March 1, 2017. Site selection and notifications will occur by April 1, 2017.
  • If accepted, Native STAND will provide airfare, hotel and meal per diem, and curriculum materials to the individual Educator.
  • A Memorandum of Agreement, local Institutional Review Board approval, and a valid W-9 IRS Form or appropriate Federal Tax ID will be required of sites before funds will be distributed.
  • Tribes and AI/AN organizations must allow the Certified Native STAND Educator to implement the program through their current position.
  • Native STAND Educator must provide information to evaluators at the Center for Healthy Communities throughout the five-year duration of the project.


For consideration a complete application must be submitted by March 1, 2017. The applicant should be prepared to answer a series of questions and to provide key documents to support the application. The major elements of the application are:


This section should be completed by the individual who, if selected will attend the week-long training program in Portland, Oregon to be certified as a Native STAND Educator and who will deliver the curriculum in the community.

  • Professional contact information (including tribal affiliation or background)
  • Describe current job responsibilities.
  • Describe education background and/or relevant life experience.
  • Describe experience working with high school age (14-18 years) Native youth.
  • Describe experience working in adolescent sexual health education.
  • Explain how the knowledge and skills obtained from the training program will be applied in your community.

This section is to be completed by the Tribe or AI/AN organization who is sponsoring this application. It can be completed by the individual Educator or by the point of contact (supervisor, manager) for the organization.

  • Name of Tribe or AI/AN organization
  • Organization point of contact name and contact information

This section describes the actual place (school, community center, etc.) where the Native STAND curriculum delivery will occur. This section can be completed by the individual Educator or the Point of Contact for the Organization.

  • Does your host site currently offer an adolescent sexual health program?
  • What setting best describes where you will deliver the Native STAND curriculum?
  • About how many high school students (grades 9-12, ages 14-18 years) do you anticipate in the Native STAND curriculum?
  • Is there a facility or meeting space available to host Native STAND activities?

This section requires the attachment of three (3) documents to support the application.

  1. The resume of the individual Educator that will receive the Summer Training.
  2. A letter of endorsement from the Educator’s direct supervisor (employer) stating that:
    1. (a) the individual Educator will have one week made available to complete the entire summer training program, AND
    2. (b) the individual Educator will be supported to implement Native STAND in the host community.
  3. A letter of support from the Tribe or AI/AN organization that will be the host site for local program delivery.


We are recruiting 25 Tribes and American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) organizations to apply and if selected, to participate in the Native STAND Program. Tribes and AI/AN Organizations that serve high school age AI/AN youth (grades 9-12, ages 14-18 years) are encouraged to apply. 

Examples of previous participants include Tribes, urban Indian organizations, Indian education departments, school districts and prevention programs. This training program is appropriate for educators and prevention specialists in the area of health, human/social services, education and juvenile justice.

To discuss eligibility requirements or for a program consult: Contact Michelle Singer (Navajo), Project Manager at or (503) 418-2199.

For Frequently Asked Questions visit:

Attend a Native STAND Informational & Recruitment 2016-2017 Webinar, click here for information.


It is recommended that interested individuals and organizations submit their application online. However, paper applications will also be accepted.

ATTENTION ORGANIZATION APPLICANTS: If an individual Educator has not been identified, please skip ahead to the ORGANIZATION PROFILE section. Once you have selected an individual from your organization to receive the training, please have them complete the section describing their background and experience, and attach their supporting documents. Once an individual Educator has submitted their information, the Native STAND Office at OHSU will communicate will communicate with this individual and not the organization point of contact.

To apply online, click here:

To download a paper application: MS WORD Native STAND Paper Application

Please send complete paper application by mail, fax or email to:

Michelle Singer, Project Manager
OHSU Center for Healthy Communities
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road, CB669
Portland, OR  97239
Tel: (503) 418-2199
Fax: (503) 494-7536


October 1, 2016 Applications made available
November 17, 2016 Native STAND Informational & Recruitment Webinar
January 18. 2017 Native STAND Information & Recruitment Webinar
March 1, 2017 Application Deadline
April 1, 2017 Site Selection and Notifications
June 26-June 30, 2017 Native STAND Certified Educator Summer Training

To learn more about the Native STAND Certified Educator Summer Training Overview, view