Native STAND

Native STAND Certified Educator Summer Training Overview

The OHSU Center for Healthy Communities has partnered with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) to successfully recruit Tribes and AI/AN organizations to receive training on the delivery of Native STAND and to participate in the Native STAND Dissemination, Implementation, and Evaluation Project.

In order for a Tribe or an AI/AN organization to be considered for the Native STAND Project, a complete application must have been submitted.  

This page provides overview information about our Native STAND Summer Educator Training and the benefits for those who have been accepted to participate in the Native STAND Project.  


Participating individuals will receive one week of training in Portland, Oregon with expenses paid for travel, lodging and meals.

The training week’s activities include:

  • In-depth review of teaching methods and use of the Native STAND facilitator manual and student learning materials.
  • Hands-on practice with teens who are attending the THRIVE Tribal Youth Conference.
  • Training in human subjects protection, data ownership, and mandatory reporting.
  • Assistance from experienced coaches to assemble an Action Plan for your home community.
  • Supplies needed to support the delivery of Native STAND in your home community.


The Native STAND Certified Educator Summer Training takes place over one week in June in Portland, Oregon. Approximately 20 educators from tribes around the country work together to learn the parts of the Native STAND curriculum and to build their skills.  Instructors and coaches provide individualized training to the educators and assist them with the development of an Action Plan for implementation in their home community.


Our Summer Training Program includes opportunities for trainees to practice their new skills with tribal youth who are attending the THRIVE conference.  This is a regionally supported health promotion program for suicide prevention. Each year in June, the THRIVE conference hosts approximately 50 to 75 AI/AN youth from the Pacific Northwest and across the nation.


The Native STAND Project is committed to strengthen capacities of tribal communities to engage in research and to build knowledge and skills with funding to allow individual communities to access their returned data on their community for their use.  Therefore, training on human subjects protection, mandatory reporting, and data ownership are included as part of the Summer Training. The "IRB 101" training includes the basics of Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and obtaining local approval.  Each participating community must provide local approval or waiver of oversight to the Portland Area I.H.S. IRB.

In advance of the Summer Training, we will provide technical assistance to make sure participants are comfortable with their IRB options and to obtain the approvals needed before delivery of the Native STAND program begins.


Is this outreach or research? It’s both. Our program is action-oriented and empowers communities, but we also seek to measure its benefits for youth and your community. We will be asking participating sites to give us feedback on:

  1. How implementation is going in their communities.
  2. How they are adapting Native STAND for their own use.
  3. What their plans are for sustaining the program.
  4. How has knowledge, decision-making and attitudes around sexual health improved in teens.

We plan to collect feedback on the above through brief bi-monthly check-ins, quarterly surveys, and annual telephone calls.  Because we are interested in how Native STAND benefits tribal youth, we will asking you to give a short (15-min) questionnaire to your teens before and after they receive the curriculum.


  1. Participate in Summer Training held in June in Portland, Oregon.
  2. Establish Memorandum of Agreement between your organization and OHSU (we provide a template).
  3. Submit a Confidentiality Agreement (we provide form).
  4. Submit an Action Plan (we provide a template).
  5. Submit a valid W-9 IRS Form or appropriate Federal Tax ID to set up delivery of $10K.
  6. Submit local IRB approval or Waiver of Oversight to Portland Area I.H.S. IRB.
  7. Obtain parental and youth consent forms
  8. Administer the Youth Questionnaire ("baseline" "pre-"questionnaire).
  9. Deliver the curriculum to your teens.
  10. Administer the Youth Questionnaire ("post-"questionnaire).
  11. Continue to provide information to evaluators throughout the five-year duration of project.

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