After a productive 15-year history as a CDC Prevention Resource Center, the Oregon PRC will close on September 29, 2019. We are proud to have served as an incubator for projects improving health in tribal communities, and excited to see many of these projects continue beyond our closure through the leadership of our organizational partners. Please make a note of updated URLS throughout the Oregon PRC website.


The Center for Healthy Communities

We are proud to be one of 26 CDC-funded Prevention Research Centers. Please visit our center infographic, the CDC PRC infographic, and our brochure.

Funded since 2004, the main focus of the Center for Healthy Communities is to collaborate and partner with Native and other communities to explore various health disparities and potential ways to address these disparities. The Center for Healthy Communities is located in the School of Public Health at Oregon Health & Science University.

First Cycle of Funding

During our first cycle of funding, our core research projects were aimed at addressing the prevalence and impact of vision and hearing impairment and potential improvements to quality of life through correction (i.e., eye glasses and hearing aids) among some of the tribes in the Northwest and Midwest United States.

Second Cycle of Funding

During our second cycle of funding, we focused on the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus in these same communities.

Third Cycle of Funding

Our third cycle of funding will shift to a STD/HIV and teen pregnancy prevention project, while also covering drug, tobacco, and alcohol use, suicide, and healthy relationships.


To address the health promotion and chronic disease prevention needs of tribal and other underserved communities through community-based participatory research, and through training, dissemination, and evaluation activities.


  • Sustain collaborative research partnerships
  • Build research capacity for chronic disease prevention
  • Conduct high-quality, community-driven prevention research
  • Reduce the disease burden of the chronic diseases
  • Maintain our Center as a regional resource
  • Foster population health and prevention sciences within OHSU