Center Advisory Board

Our Center Advisory Board provides oversight and guidance of the Center. In accordance with our mission, the Advisors advocate for the communities we serve, as well as contribute to the strategic planning of Center’s research agenda and the implementation of new prevention research projects. The primary activities of the Center Advisory Board are to:

  1. Ensure the application of best research practices to develop data that may improve the health of the communities we serve;
  2. Promote collaboration between Center partners in the conduct of prevention research by providing community access to resources of the University and the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board;
  3. Communicate information to stakeholder communities and the broader network of prevention researchers about the methods and outcomes of our research;
  4. Develop shared leadership roles in the Center for community members by recruiting community members to serve on advisory boards specific to the Core and other research projects; and
  5. Promote educational opportunities in prevention research for community members.