Healthy and Empowered Youth (HEY)

Our PRC, the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, and a Northwest Tribe Office of Tribal Health have partnered to deliver the “Native STAND” curriculum to a cohort of students at the Tribal School.

Native STAND is adapted from STAND – Students Together Against Negative Decisions – and incorporates American Indian tradition and culture to address STD, HIV, and teen pregnancy, as well as drug and alcohol issues and dating violence. Nationally, Native youth are more likely to be sexually active and use of illicit substances is higher in Native teens, putting them at further risk. The major objectives of the H.E.Y. project are:

  1. Academic enrichment
  2. Life skills – e.g. self-awareness, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, communication and coping skills, and cultivate media literacy
  3. Personal development and wellness – Enhance positive self concepts and healthy lifestyles, particularly in the areas of reproductive health, and prevention of intimate partner violence and substance abuse
  4. Cultural awareness
  5. Career development

While the Native STAND curriculum shows great promise to increase the capacities of Native youth to make healthy decisions, the curriculum is being combined with training in filmmaking. In the era of YouTube and other media, youth are increasingly interested in developing their own interpretations of the world and sharing them with others. The H.E.Y. project will teach teens the skills in producing their own videos, and in particular, videos that address topics of health and wellness relevant to Native youth.

This project was lead by Nichole Hildebrandt, Project Director. William Lambert, PhD, OHSU Associate Professor, PRC Associate Director, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, served as the Principal Investigator. For more information about the H.E.Y.