American Indian and Alaska Native Health Lecture Series

Sponsored by the Center for Healthy Communities, The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, and the OHSU Native American Employee Resource Group

When: Quarterly

Where: The OHSU campus.

April 2017 - Digital Storytelling: Connecting Tradition and Technology for Health Promotion

February 2017 - Expanding Health Research with Native Americans: Pharmacogenomics Research and Bioethics

November 2016 - We Are Healers

April 2016 - A Tribal Perspective: Partnering with On Track OHSU!

February 2016 - California Native American Research Center for Health (CA-NARCH): Student Mentoring Across Campuses Blended with Tribal Community Based Participatory Research

April 2015 - Synergy: Indigenous Ways and Contemporay Science Working Together

February 2015 - Taking a Native STAND for Indian Country

Public Health Seminar Series

The Center for Healthy Communities no longer sponsors this event, please see the links below for pdf archives from previous presentations. 

April 6, 2017 - Why an MPH Matters: How a public health background improves surgical quality (pdf of presentation)

March 2017 - Sharing Our Past to Shape Our Future: Oral History for Healthy Aging among African Americans

January 2017 - Building Climate Resilience within Oregon's Public Health System (pdf of presentation)

December 2016 - Federal Priorities to Advance Physical Activity

October 2016 - Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care in Oregon: Lessons Learned

June 2016 – Disability Awareness Training: Creating a Person-First Culture

May 2016 – Public Health’s Role in Marijuana: Using Data to Inform Policy

April 2016 – Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Vectors: Exceptional Efficacy from Unconventional Cellular Immune Response

March 2016 – Health Care Reform and Homelessness in Oregon

January 2016 - Epigenetics and its Implications for Public Health

December 2015 - Why is control of Diesel air pollution a public health issue?

November 2015 - Sulforaphane bioavailability and chemopreventive activity in women scheduled for breast biopsy

October 2015 - Integration of CCO in Substance Abuse patients

May 2015 - Integrating Public Health Into Regional Climate Change Plans: The Case of Three Health Impact Assessments (HIA) in Portland, Oregon

April 2015 - Food Allergies: When Food Becomes the Enemy

December 2014 - E-cigarettes: Safer Than Tobacco Products or Not?

November 2014 - Ebola Virus Disease: Knowns and Unknowns of a Public Health Emergency

October 2014 - Toxic Stress Lasts for Generations

NNACOE archives